Hello, I'm David.

Nocturnal has evolved over the years. Originally, it was the name behind the freelance web & graphic design work I was doing. Over time it served as the brand behind the art & design I was creating for myself. Today, it remains a shifting combination of the two.

Looking forward, I'm focusing my efforts to take the business further in the direction of prints, apparel, and other fine goods.

Wait, so what do you do?

I'm a designer and front-end developer. I define brands, create interfaces, and write code (think websites and apps). Just reach out if you'd like to see some work or learn a bit more.

Additionally, I'm shifting the narrative of Nocturnal to its focus as a lifestyle brand, focused on well-designed and quality-made products. Available both here, and in select shops.

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The Shop. Dribbble. Twitter. Instagram. 616.443.1462